Mud Cake (V)

Hi! This is quite a boost as a recipe, rich in chocolate, moist, crusty, chewy and very sweet... I used the aquafaba, the liquid in a can of chickpeas to replace the eggs. Whipped until white foam aquafaba gives your cake or brownies it's chewy texture. I would recommend to serve this with a big … Jatka lukemista Mud Cake (V)

Chocolate & Hemp Cookies (V)

I bought 2 and half kilos of hemp protein when I was in Finland. Might I have been crazy? No! Since that, I have been looking different ways to enjoy this lovely protein rich powder... These cookies are quite a good treats, before sport, after or without. Try hemp powder also on your morning bread … Jatka lukemista Chocolate & Hemp Cookies (V)

Cheesecake Strawberry & Vanilla, Cheesecake Fraise & Vanille

We are celebrating the mid summer festival here in Finland! As long as I remember the strawberry cake has had an important part in our summer table, people here have been waiting the first sweet strawberries since the snow has gone. I decided to make my own version of this cake to celebrate the summer … Jatka lukemista Cheesecake Strawberry & Vanilla, Cheesecake Fraise & Vanille

Rhubarb and Cardamom Tart, Tarte Rhubarbe et Cardamome

Rhubarb. It must be the first vegetable coming up when the summer start here in north. And we love it. This pie is delicious with some vanilla frozen yoghurt or ice-cream on the top when it's still a bit warm. Tarte Rhubarbe at Cardamome 2 grosse branche de rhubarbe 50g beurre bio 3 dl lait … Jatka lukemista Rhubarb and Cardamom Tart, Tarte Rhubarbe et Cardamome