Banana Bread (V, Gf)

Good morning! How did you start your sunday? Two days ago I saw a recipe for a revolutionary banana bread, water dropping in my mouth I promised to myself to make my own version soon. This bread is gluten free and vegan. I decided to use almond and coconut flour to give the bread a … Jatka lukemista Banana Bread (V, Gf)

Chickpea Coconut Pancake (V, Gf)

Hi! After summer I'm happy to be here again. Things have been changing and I have a feeling to move forward to something new. I'm exited to have a chance to continue my studies. What the most, with a subject what passion me, agroecology. My blog is also changing. It will be based on vegan … Jatka lukemista Chickpea Coconut Pancake (V, Gf)