Dhal With Coconut Chutney (V)

This is one of my favorite recipe, simple and real comfort food. Enjoy! Dhal pour 2 personnes 2 dl lentille corail environ 6 dl d'eau 3 c.s huile de coco/huile végétale 3 gousses d'ail hachées 1 c.s graines de coriandre écrasées 1 c.s graines de cumin 1 c.c curcuma en poudre 1 c.c gingembre en … Jatka lukemista Dhal With Coconut Chutney (V)

Pumpkin Curry & Beetroot Leaves (V)

Autumn is here, and the excitement when all the beautiful pumpkins and beetroots are taking their place in outdoor markets. Remember that when you buy organic vegetables like pumpkins you can use the skin and enjoy also the beetroot leaves. I like to dip the leaves fast in a boiling water and enjoy them after … Jatka lukemista Pumpkin Curry & Beetroot Leaves (V)