Eyes of India

They penetrate you with their eyes. They are satisfied with little things, they are more simple. India take place in your heart, it´s fascinating and brutal. It´s the days earliest chai and the sweetest lassi. Varanasi is full of religion, sweetness and pastel. It is a place where all begins and where all ends up, … Jatka lukemista Eyes of India


It gives a new meaning for the landscapes when you hike up by yourself to see them. After the days of hiking in Pokhara and Kathmandu valley, I feel very emotional. These days were amazingly beautiful, intense and growing. Seeing the people, the kids up there in the mountain villages, staying with them overnight. Seeing … Jatka lukemista Learning

Köyhät ritarit, saying good byes at the best way

It has been my last week in Paris, taking time after finishing my job, sleeping, cooking at home, recovering. My love has always been mornings, I´m a morning person. Love having time without rush, enjoying the feeling of sleepiness and just wander a bit around apartment. This week has been special for me, friday me … Jatka lukemista Köyhät ritarit, saying good byes at the best way