Bounty Bars (V,Gf)


Hi! I made these vegan bounty bites one day after my school, and yes it was quite a success, they are really good! You can also make them raw if you prefer (just replace the dark chocolate with raw chocolate). This is a easy recipe for all who are looking something sweet to boost your day.

You can find the original recipe here

Vegan Bounty (V,Gf)
about 8 pieces

1,5 dl grated coconut
1 dl cashew nuts or almonds (you can soak them if you have time)
2 c.s agave sirop
2 c.s coconut oil
2 c.s  coconut/almond/rice milk
pinch of salt
2 dl vegan dark chocolate for covering

Mix the grated coconut and cashew nuts well in a mixer. Add the agave, melted coconut oil, salt and coconut milk (you might not need the milk if you soaked the nuts before) and continue mixing but leave the texture a bit crunchy! ( it should be enough sticky that you can form the balls). Form about 8 little balls. Put the balls in a freezer for the time that you make the covering. Melt the chocolate in low heat. Dip the balls in the chocolate and put them on the parchment paper covered plate. Place them in a freezer for some minutes that the chocolate harden. Enjoy!


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