Gratin with Feta and Goutweed, Gratin Fêta et Herbes Aux Goutteux


The Nature. My parents are living in a countryside in southern Finland. After many months in a big city, I’m feeling peaceful with all this light green color around me.

I have decided to learn more about our wild herbs, villiyrtti, our super foods. These herbs have a high nutritional value and you can find them in our forest near by.  Someone wrote that collecting wild herbs is like meditation in nature. You concentrate to look what you are needing, your hands work and all other thoughts what we so easily have disappears.


Vuohenputki, Goutweed , Herbe aux goutteaux consist naturally lot of vitamin C, magnesium and iron. Collect the young, light green colored leafs. You can easily replace your salad with a goutweed, the young leafs have a nice strong taste and higher nutrition value than a normal salad. You can also use it instead of spinach.


I found an idea for this recipe in a book Hulluna Hortaan (Raija ja Jouko Kivimetsä).

Gratin Fêta et Herbes Aux Goutteux

200g feta/chèvre/brebis
3 grosses poignées d’herbe aux goutteux
1 petit poignée de menthe fraîche
200g tomate cerise
1 c.c thym frais
1 c.c poivre noir
2 c.s huile d’olive

Faites chauffer le four à 200C. Rincez les herbes aux goutteux. Huilez un moule et ajoutez au fond, le fromage coupé en petit morceaux. Ajoutez au dessus le thym, le poivre et la menthe. Coupez les tomates et les herbes aux goutteux puis ajoutez les au dessus. Faites cuire environ 20 minutes. Apres 10 minutes mélangez les herbes aux goutteux avec le fromages fondu. Profitez avec du pain et de l’huile d’olive!

Gratin with Feta and Goutweed

200g feta/goat/sheep milk cheese
3 handful of goutweed

1 small handful of fresh menthe

200g cherry tomato

1 tsp fresh thyme

1 tsp black pepper

2 tbsp olive oil

Heat the oven at 200C. Rinse the goutweeds. Grease the pan with the olive oil and crumble the cheese on the top. Add the fresh thyme, menthe and the black pepper. Cut the tomatoes and goutweed in smaller and put them on the top. Bake the gratin in the oven about 20 minutes and mix after 10 minutes the goutweed with the cheese that it doesn’t dry. Enjoy with a fresh bread and olive oil!



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