My favourite, Spelt Quinoa Bread

What I love one of the most is spelt. Besides all the nutritional and healthy benefits what it has compared to white wheat flour, the taste, nutty and rough makes it one of my favourite flour in the kitchen.


Today I decided to make a bread, and combine spelt and my other love, quinoa. The combination was perfect, so good. Spelt is darker and absorbs more water than normal white flour. It´s good to leave the dough a bit moist for having a bread what is inside comfy soft and outside perfectly crispy.


Spelt Quinoa Bread

spelt flour






gomasio ( look the recipe below)

olive oil

sunflower seeds

pumpkin seeds

flax seeds

Boil quinoa, let it cool. Mix the hand warm water with yeast and honey, add salt. Mix the dry ingredients and toasted seeds together. Mix them with the liquid. Add cooled quinoa. Use your hands, and add the olive oil. Put the dough into the oiled bread pan. Add pinch of pumpkin and sunflower seeds on the top. Let the dough swell about one hour in a warm place. Bake the bread at 250C first 10 minutes, after lower the temperature to 200C about 30 minutes.


sesam seeds


cumin seeds

Toast sesam and cumin seeds on the pan. Add salt and mix all in the mixer.

Enjoy! Love


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