At the last, Sumatra

Last month has been very special for many ways. Month in Sumatra has been unique, exploring a new culture with its warm-hearted people. It´s touching how the people received us, smile has shown its power. Here we have faced amazing landscapes with volcanos, enjoyed the verdure of the nature and actually, found a paradise.


Last month has also been our last in this trip. Eight months has passed fast, and all my heart I feel that I have grown, I´am grateful. Life has show how beautiful it can be, all the situations, experiences, people who we have met, discussions… There is remarkable amount of memories to handle. I have learnt what means to be simple, how much I appreciate that, less is so often more. I´am the one who is responsible of my life, and it´s me who can make my own happiness. How important is to learn listen to yourself, and try to live according to that.








Last two weeks we spent in Pulau Weh Island, like a paradise on earth. What can be more relaxing than wake up for the sound of waves and admire the rays of the sun pushing inside of the walls. I haven’t been cooking for a good while, and I can say that I´m going crazy for missing that. Fresh fruits, juices and smoothies have been my comfort, what a joy is the variety of fruits and colors what this tropical climate offers. This morning I was graving coconut, very often actually, so I wanted to share my bliss with you.

Easy Coconut smoothie

Coconut milk

Fresh coconut water + meat

banana ( sweet pineapple, mango, papaya, avocado…)

Mix all together in a mixer. I prefer when the ingredients are fresh and cold, enjoy!!








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