After leaving India it has been in my mind many times. It was a self growing trip against my own prejudices and fears, how little by little I learnt to relax, and after noticed how much I enjoyed it. There is no sense try to write all the experiences what we went through in those four months, but after all I have a punch of memories to enjoy and share. Being a bit more fearless, brave and humble make a good combination to face something new. Last two weeks in India we spent in Andaman islands. It was a perfect end for our months, giving time for ourselves and shaking off the dust and crowd.


India gave me also lot of new experiences with food, what a variety of spices, colors and tastes! For vegetarian India gave a menu to choose. When the food is made from fresh products, added right amount of spices and knowledge, it´s a hard combination to win. I have been grateful for our willing to experience us much as local cuisine than possible, having the chance to share together and experience the culture via cuisine.







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