For better days, Raagi Pancakes With Fresh Coconut


It has been a long time since last post. We have been searching for the sun, traveled to the south India and let the energy of the sun flow into us. I have been enjoying long mornings, breakfasts with all the seasonal fruits what I could imagine. Today morning while eating my everyday papaya, how good it taste, half a cut with a red, smooth, spoon meat inside! I went straight away in another world, delicious. Here in Auroville local organic products are easy available, and I have found myself again creating new recipes and writing exited notes for future.



Volunteering here in Sadhana Forest has taught me a lot of things about myself, and mostly remind me how valuable is the feeling of space and intimacy, how much you can appreciate silence and all the little moments what we have been creating around us. I have been participating amazing workshops about non-violent communication (NVC), improving myself to handle conflict and express myself better way, be better person. How inspiring it has been to observe your own action, your feelings and needs. How hard it is sometimes to accept your weak points, face yourself, realize who I am, and forgive. I´m human too.


Last sunday we finally decided to use our raagi flour and create the best pancakes ever. Fresh coconut is a bless here and as we are in India, of course we combined the two. For better Sundays.


Raagi pancakes with raw honey and fresh coconut,

Raagi flour

Soy milk, almond milk..

chia seeds



coconut oil

Toppings : Fresh shredded coconut, honey, papaya, pommegranate, cinnamon..

Mix milk, banana mash, salt and chia seeds together. Let it rest about 5-10 min, whisk raagi flour into the mixture as long as the texture remains pancake dough. Fry the pancakes with coconut oil in the outside fire if possible. Add your favorite toppings!


2 vastausta artikkeliin “For better days, Raagi Pancakes With Fresh Coconut

    1. Kiitos Essi, aika on kulunut nopeasti ja kolme kuukautta Intiassa lähestyvät loppuaan. Hyvin kokemusrikas maa, Sadhana forest tuli kuvioihin kun saavuimme Aurovilleen. Vapaaehtoistyö kiinnosti ja arvot kohtasivat, päätimme jäädä kuukaudeksi. 🙂 Pian suunta edelleen etelämmäksi, toivottavasti voit hyvin. Ollaan yhteydessä! Halauksin, Anna



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