Eyes of India


They penetrate you with their eyes. They are satisfied with little things, they are more simple. India take place in your heart, it´s fascinating and brutal. It´s the days earliest chai and the sweetest lassi. Varanasi is full of religion, sweetness and pastel. It is a place where all begins and where all ends up, like a cup of clay crushing on the ground after being used. Varanasi shows you the flames on the surface of Ganges. I felt the smoke in my throat, I close my eyes and smelt the body in my hair. The smell of Ganges, the stories let into the river. I have had the morning shadow on my eyes, tasted saltiest kiss on my lips. I met a man, with white coat, walking with bare foots. He had blue eyes, and light on the forehead. Someone wise said me once not to close yourself, be open. Don’t let the fear close your eyes.

DSC_0364  DSC_0315






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