One of my passion is traveling. For me it comes out again and again after the time, the feeling that is time to go, to move on. Traveling is one of the best ways to experience, learn about yourself and others, give and get. Grow. The richness of seeing different cultures, meet people and explore the nature doesn`t have a price. So I warmly recommend you my friend, to go.

After arriving to Delhi, we have been exploring, trying to realize where we are and take time. City of the red sun, exhausting, poor, beautiful chaos, Delhi is full of people, smell and taste. I have been totally enjoying my last two days here. Awaking up by the beautiful song of muslim prayers which reach over the city at the dawn. Being inspired to see the bustle of the colorful bazaars, what a mix of smells, spices, fruits and hot dishes. Feeding all of your senses instantaneously.



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