Köyhät ritarit, saying good byes at the best way


It has been my last week in Paris, taking time after finishing my job, sleeping, cooking at home, recovering. My love has always been mornings, I´m a morning person. Love having time without rush, enjoying the feeling of sleepiness and just wander a bit around apartment. This week has been special for me, friday me and Will are starting our trip to another side, is a big thing, to share, I couldn’t be more exited. So, it was good tuesday morning to decide make something special yammy and enjoy the autumn sun.

I love to use organic products. In Paris organic products are easy available in bio shops and usually the price is about the same. Besides better taste, higher amounts of nutriments, safety and awareness of environmentally and animally friendly farming methods, using of organic products makes me simply more happy. So this recipe is all my favorite, for better mornings.

Köyhät ritarit (as we said in Finland);

Slices of whole wheat bread
1 egg
1 cup oat milk
rasberry jam
cannel, berrys, nutbutter, fruits…
Mix egg and milk, roll the slices in the mixture. Remove slices into the pan and cook bread crispy on the surface and leave soft inside. Add your favorite toppings. Enjoy!


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